Kumano Kaido Walk of Flowers and Greenery Let's walk in Sennan, Taichi's hometown


From the Kumano Kaido road leading to the Kumano Sanzan in Wakayama, a World Heritage site, Why don't you join us for a walking tour with a theme of flowers and greenery? The walking distance is about 10 km, and it takes about 5 hours on the paved road. The Kumano Kaido, which passes through Sennan City, was once called "Shindachi-juku," a post town for people traveling on the Kumano Kaido for the purpose of making pilgrimages to Kumano. In the Edo period (1603-1867), it was also the first stop for the Kishu Tokugawa family on their way to Edo. The Kajimoto family's Noda wisteria along the Kumano Kaido produces as many as 40,000 flower clusters on a single tree. Chokeiji Temple, located on a small hill overlooking Sennan City, has 100 stone steps to ward off bad luck, and the blue maples along the steps are beautiful. Take out donuts and other sweets at the popular Barbara Coffee cafe. There is also a supermarket nearby where you can buy lunch. Rinsho-ji Temple is located at the foot of Mt. Atago. The azaleas around the temple are in full color around the time of spring. Lastly, visit Sennan Agricultural Park "Hanasaki Farm" to see the English Garden with over 3,000 roses and a slope with 13,000 mossy lawn cherry trees. Taichi was born and raised in Sennan City. Visitors can enjoy wisteria and roses, as well as azaleas and gardens, even on rainy days, and experience spring and Japanese nature. *The time of flower viewing may change as the season progresses, and the course may be partially changed accordingly.

Meeting place
JR Izumisunagawa Station West Exit
Meeting time
AM 10:10
10:10 Izumisunagawa Station

Kajimoto family's Noda wisteria

Chokeiji Temple

Barbara Coffee (take out sweets)
Lunch can be purchased at a nearby supermarket

12:30 Lunch at Rinshoji Temple

Sennan Agricultural Park Hanasaki Farm

15:30 Izumisunagawa Station Dismissal
Entry fee
20 people
What to bring / clothes
Clothing and shoes suitable for walking, raincoat, lunch, drink, hat

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