Tateyama Five Mountains Traverse in Autumn Leaves②


We will traverse 5 peaks including Mt.Jodo and Mt.Ryuoh. The first day of the hike is about 4 km, and the second day is about 8 km. The mountain level is 6, and you will be well acclimatized to the altitude, so you will be able to climb even if it is your first time in the Alps! On the first day of the tour, we will take the limited express train and the newly opened Hokuriku Shinkansen to Toyama. If you wish, we will have a half-day sightseeing tour, including a lunch of white shrimp bowl and a walk around famous places. Overnight stay will be at Toyama Manten Hotel. Soothe your travel fatigue in the large public bath and prepare for hiking. Single rooms are available for the first 4 guests for +2000 yen! On the second day, take a direct bus to the Murodo Bus Terminal at 2,400 meters. We will spend an hour and a half walking around Mikurigaike to acclimatize to the altitude. After that, we will traverse Mt.Jodo Inside the lodge, there are relatively clean toilets and plenty of water is available for free. On the third day, we will finally start the Tateyama Sanzan traverse. Before dawn, it is a 300m ascent to Mt. Oyama. The morning sunrise view from the summit of Oyama will surely enthrall you with its spectacular scenery! After traversing the highest peaks of Onanji and Bessan, we will have a tea time in front of the Tsurugidake, a mountaineer's dream. After descending the Raityozaka slope, you will reach Mikurigaike Onsen (hot spring). Ice cream and beer are also great treats! From Murodo, take a direct bus back to Toyama and return to Osaka by Shinkansen and limited express. Frequently Asked Questions Luggage not used for hiking (day 1 clothes) and other items can be left in the lockers at Toyama Station. You will need to hike with a set of onsen (hot spring baths). Water refills are available at the mountain lodge. The course may be changed in case of rain. There is a possibility that men and women may share a room in the lodge depending on how crowded the lodge is. Fee: 57,000 yen for single room, 55,000 yen for twin room Payment method: collected on the train (cash, paypay) Included in the fee: hotel accommodations, lodge accommodations (with 2 meals), JR, bus, insurance, guide fee Not included: meals outside the lodge, sightseeing in Toyama

Meeting place
JR Osaka Station central ticket gate or JR Kyoto station central ticket gate
Meeting time
AM 8:20
Day 1
8:40 Osaka Station
↓Thunderbird No. 9
9:09 Kyoto Station

10:18Tsuruga station
↓Tsurugi No.10
11:26Toyama Station
Lunch of white shrimp rice bowl, sightseeing at Toyama City Glass Museum, Suijo Line, etc.
Dinner at a fresh sushi restaurant
Overnight stay at Toyama Manten Hotel

Day 2
6:30Toyama station
↓Direct bus
9:00 Murodo
1hr 30min altitude acclimatization, walk around Mikurigaike Pond

10:30Start hiking 3.8km, cumulative elevation 530m

Mt.Jodo lunch break

Mt. Ryuoh

14:30 Ichinokoshi lodge arrive early and stay overnight

Day 3
4:30 Ichinokoshi lodge departure 8.0km cumulative altitude 850m

5:30Sunrise at Mt.Oyama



Tsurugi Gozen Hut

12:30 Mikurigaike Onsen (hot spring), lunch

14:30 Murodo
↓ Direct bus
17:00Toyama station, pick up luggage
17:30Toyama station
↓Tsurugi 39
18:44 Tsuruga Station
↓Thunderbird 40
19:38Kyoto Station

20:09 Osaka station
Entry fee
10 people
What to bring / clothes
Shoes and clothes suitable for climbing, change of clothes, raincoat, and a set of onsen, headlamp



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