Hiking in Jigoku Valley, a difficult route on Mt.Rokko


Hike through Jigoku Valley, one of the steepest trails on Mt.Rokko. The distance is about 7 km, but the route is rich in variations such as climbing up streams and rocky terrain. We will explain carefully where to place our feet. There are some parts where you will have to climb streams, but there are few places where you will get wet. After crossing Jigoku Valley, the route continues on to Banbutsuso, where rocky terrain continues. From the rocky areas along the way, you can see a spectacular view of Kobe Bay. Lunch time at Kazefuki Iwa. We will descend to Okamoto Station via Mt. Shichibei with a good view. Why not walk one of the most difficult courses in the Kansai region?

Meeting place
Hankyu Ashiyagawa Station ticket gate
Meeting time
AM 9:00
9:00 Ashiyagawa Station

Rock Garden

Jigoku Valley


12:00Kazefukiiwa Lunch

Mt. Shichibei

15:00 Hankyu Okamoto Station
Entry fee
10 people
What to bring / clothes
Clothing suitable for hiking, shoes, lunch, drink, gloves

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