Nagisa Park Sunflower Field and Lake Biwa Bridge


How about a Lake Biwa Walk to enjoy the wind in midsummer? The distance is about 10 km, with sunflower fields in Nagisa Park and the Lake Biwa Bridge to cross on foot. We offer a full day of cooling off at Michinoeki and soaking in the hot springs of Ogoto. In Nagisa Park, about 12,000 smaller sunflowers named "Kids' Smile" bloom in an area of about 4,000㎡, providing a contrast with Mt.Hira. The Lake Biwa Bridge is open to pedestrians and bicycles as well as cars and motorcycles. The 1,350-meter-long Lake Biwa Bridge opened in September 1964. It was the first bridge to cross the narrowest part of Lake Biwa, Imahama in Moriyama City and Katata in Otsu City. The top of the bridge is about 26 meters high, and there is an observation space to enjoy the view of the Hira Mountains. Take a short break at the Michinoeki for soft ice cream and other refreshments when it starts to get hot. After seeing the floating shrine on Lake Biwa, we will walk to the Ogoto Onsen spa. If you wish, you can take a bath at Spa Resort Agaryanse, a little expensive at 1,850 yen, but it is a well-equipped facility that includes a bathing suit and towel, a bedrock bath, and a cafeteria.

Meeting place
JR Katata Station ticket gate
Meeting time
AM 8:40
8:45 Katata Station
8:55Hike starts at the east end of Lake Biwa Bridge

View the sunflower field at Daiichi Nagisa Park

Lake Biwa Bridge

Michinoeki Biwako Ohashi Plaza

Floating shrine

12:30JR Ogoto Onsen Station
If you wish, you can take a hot spring bath.
Entry fee
15 people
What to bring / clothes
Comfortable clothes, sneakers or hiking shoes, drink

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