”Rabbit Island" Okunojima Camp


Okunojima is a small island in the Seto Inlands with a circumference of about 4 km. It has been called "the island that was erased from the map" because a poison gas factory was once located there. Today, more than 900 rabbits inhabit the island, which attracts many tourists. Camping with nothing at Kyukamura Okunojima! You can stay in a pre-prepared tent, use the hotel's hot spring, and enjoy a BBQ dinner while watching the sunset over the Seto Inland Sea♪. Everything you need for lodging and meals is provided. On the second day, we will visit Senkoji Park in Onomichi City, one of the 100 best sakura viewing spots in Japan, where you can enjoy approximately 1500 sakura trees. Included in the fee: Accommodation (with BBQ and breakfast), JR ticket, ferry, insurance, guide Not included: Lunch

Meeting place
East ticket gate of JR Shin-Osaka Station
Meeting time
AM 10:00
Day 1 10:37 Shin-Osaka Station
Kodama shinkansen No. 847
12:34 Mihara Station
Tadanoumi station
Tadanoumi Port 15-minute refreshing cruise
Okuno-jima Hiking 4km walk around the island
BBQ, hot spring, camping at Kyukamura Okunojima
Day 2
Breakfast at hotel
Departure from hotel at 10:30
Tadanoumi Port
Tadanoumi station
Mihara Station
12:30 Onomichi station
Lunch at Senkoji Park overlooking sakura and the Seto Inland Sea
Onomichi station
17:31 Fukuyama Station
Kodama shinkansen 858
19:25 Shin-Osaka station
Entry fee
12~15 people
What to bring / clothes
shoes and clothes suitable for climbing, change of clothes, raincoat, warm clothes
休暇村大久野島 https://www.qkamura.or.jp/ohkuno/

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