Mysterious Ryuchin Valley and Rhododendron Muroji Hiking


The Tokai Nature Trail leading to Muroji Temple is well-known, but this tour will take you through the less well-known and unexplored "Ryuchin Valley. The 8.5-km walk offers a refreshing hike along the valley with few ups and downs. The course features many interesting sights, including the Miroku Buddha at Ono temple and the Muro Dam Lake. The Ryuchin Waterfall, in particular, is an amazingly clear and beautiful emerald green. After crossing several crossing points, you will arrive at Muroji Temple, also known as Nyonin-Koya. After lunch at Hashimoto Restaurant, we will visit Muroji Temple. From the armor plate of the stone steps paved with natural stones to the five-story pagoda, approximately 3,000 pale pink rhododendrons bloom on both sides of the path. Participation fee: 1,000 yen (600 yen for the temple visit, 440 yen for the bus, and lunch are not included)

Meeting place
Kintetsu Muroguchi-Ono Station ticket gate
Meeting time
AM 9:00
9:00 Muroguchi-Ono Station
Ono-ji Temple Miroku Buddha
Muro Dam Lake
Ryuchin valley and Ryuchin waterfall
12:30 Lunch at Muroji Temple (late lunch, so it is good to have some food)
Five-story pagoda of Muroji Temple and Rhododendron Festival
14:30 Dismissal at Muroji bus stop (15 minutes by bus to Muroguchi-Ono Station)
If you wish, take Tokai Shizen Hodo which is 6km one way and takes 2 hours to get to Muroguchi-Ono Station.
Entry fee
20 people
What to bring / clothes
Clothing and shoes suitable for hiking, drink, snacks, raincoat

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