Kannon Iwa, a spectacular view of Mt. Kono Night hiking


We will hike "Mt. Kounozan, a spectacular low mountain in Osaka! Walking distance is 7km, about 3 hours. This is a spectacular night hike with a panoramic night view of Osaka Bay from Kannon Iwa. It is a rare mountain with a huge rock called Kannon Iwa rising at the top, from which you can see the whole cityscape of Osaka and Kyoto. Arrive at the summit just in time to see the sunset. Take your time to watch the sunset until it turns into a night view before descending the mountain. *A headlamp is required to participate; you can rent one for 500 yen.

Meeting place
JR Tsuda Station ticket gate
Meeting time
PM 17:00
17:00 Tsuda Station
Kunimi trailhead
18:00 Mt.Kunimi
19:00 Mt.kono Kannon Iwa
20:30Tsuda station Dismissal
Entry fee
15 people
What to bring / clothes
Clothing suitable for hiking, shoes, drink, headlamp, night meal

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