Hydrangea in the Nishiyama Historic Trail Youkokuji Temple and Yoshiminedera Temple


Nishiyama Kodo" has been used as a path of faith since ancient times. Continue on the pleasant path through the bamboo grove past the heavenly Mt.Tenno. Go to the temple of Yangtani Kannon Yokokuji Temple. Admire the approximately 5,000 hydrangeas blooming in the temple grounds. Walk along the beautiful old road with moss-covered rocks and straight cedars. At Yoshiminedera Temple, the 20th temple in the western part of the country, the view of the city of Kyoto over the hydrangeas from the hill from which you have a great vantage point is breathtaking. Of course, a sunny day is recommended, but a rainy day is also recommended to see the hydrangeas.

Meeting place
JR Yamazaki Station ticket gate
Meeting time
AM 9:30
9:30 Yamazaki Station
10:30 Mt.Tenno
12:00Yanagitanikannon Hydrangea viewing & Lunch
Nishiyama Histric Trail
14:30Yoshiminedera Temple Hydrangea Viewing
15:45Dismissal at JR Mukomachi Station
Entry fee
15 people
What to bring / clothes
Clothing suitable for hiking, shoes, lunch, drink, raincoat

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