Kamikochi Bus Tour Tokusawaen Camping for Beginners


Kamikochi before the full-blown summer season. Kamikochi is a hole season because precipitation is relatively low even in the rainy season and crowds do not occur. The green color from fresh green is beautiful and there is still lingering snow on the mountain. It is also worth seeing how the scenery changes from day to day, such as on rainy days and sunny days. Many flowers such as Renge azalea and Shokiran start to bloom. From the bus terminal, there is a flat road along the Azusa River. After two hours on the road with no traffic lights or signs, you will reach Tokusawaen, a small lodge-style hotel. We will stay in a pre-erected rental tent at Tokusawaen. You can also rent a tent with a blanket and a mat. ①Geo-dome "Buracan" with 2 meals included. Anyone can enjoy the outdoors with camping equipment carefully selected by a group of professionals. 2~3 people per tent. ②Affordable tent rental. Dinner is curry and breakfast is not included. 2 people in a tent. ③If you want to use the rental tent by yourself, solo camping is available for an additional ¥5,000. ④If you bring your own tent and sleeping bag, you can join at a more reasonable price. Please bring your own meals. In case of rain, you can eat your meals indoors. Breakfast can also be ordered at Michikusa Shokudo from around 8:00 am. Oven-baked pizza and honey toast are recommended. Although not very spacious, Tokusawaen also has a bath. Those who wish to take a bath can do so for 1,000 yen. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the chirping of birds and a natural planetarium to your heart's content. On the second day, take a leisurely stroll around Kamikochi. Passing Myojin Pond and Takesawa Marshland, you will visit the famous Kappa Bridge and Taisho Pond if you wish. The fresh green and vermilion color of Renge-tsutsuji azalea. You can enjoy the spectacular view of Mae-Hotaka rising in front of you. Participation fee ①40,000 yen with 2 meals at Geo Dome ②30,000 yen with dinner for 2 people in a rental tent ③35,000 yen with dinner for one person in a rental tent ④20,000 yen without meals if you bring your own tent Included in the fee: bus fare, lodging, rental tent (with sleeping bag, blanket, and mat), ①2 meals, ②③dinners, insurance, guide fee. Not included: Lunch, ②③breakfast for participants, and bath fee. *Each plan has its own capacity. ①up to 8~9 persons, ②③up to 12~24 persons, ④no limit

Meeting place
Group bus stop on the 1st floor of JR Shin-Osaka Station main entrance or Takeda Station west exit rotary
Meeting time
AM 6:45
Day 1
7:00 a.m. at Shin-Osaka Station
↓Departure by chartered bus
Takeda Station 7:45

SA break and lunch on the way

Kamikochi Bus Terminal 13:30
↓ Walk 6.7km
Tokusawaen 16:00

Early dinner. Bathing if you wish. Free time for astronomical observation, etc.

Day 2
Breakfast, check out
Tokusawaen 9:00

Myojin Pond

Takezawa marshland

Kappa Bridge 11:30 Lunch at restaurant etc

Taisho Pond (1 hr. 30 min. round trip)

Kamikochi Bus Terminal 14:00

SA break on the way

Takeda Station 19:15

Shin-Osaka Station 20:00
Entry fee
①40000円 ②30000円 ③35000円 ④20000yen
25 people
What to bring / clothes
Clothing suitable for hiking, shoes, raincoat, warm clothes, change of clothes, ②③④necessary meals for participants, and a set of onsen (hot springs) for those who wish to take a bath

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