Hakuba Happo pond Reflection, Mt.Karamatsu course for an introduction to mountain lodge or Mt.Goryu course for a fierce rock ridge


Happoike, a beautiful natural pond reflecting the Hakuba mountains like a mirror. The course is accessible by gondola to an elevation of 1830m, and is easy for beginners in the Alps. After crossing rocky gullies and high pine forests and climbing up the scenic route of Happo One, you will reach the Karamatsudake summit lodge. Mt.Karamatsu is about 20 minutes from the lodge and offers a panoramic view of Mt.Goryu. Plan①Mt.Karamatsu course mountain level5 Stay overnight at Karamatsudake Summit lodge. Mt.Karamatsu, 5 km one way with an elevation gain of 860 m. This is a leisurely course that allows you to arrive before noon. Located a 20-minute walk from the summit, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Mt.Tateyama, Mt.Tsurugi. This relatively safe course is recommended for those who are making their debut in a mountain lodge. On the last day, we will descend the same course. You will have plenty of time for a hot spring bath after descending. Plan②Mt.Goryu course mountain level9 Karamatsudake summit lodge to the difficult "Ushikubi no Kusariba. A rocky ridgeline walk with a sense of altitude will continue. We will stay at Goryu lodge, which is popular for its "I love mountains, I love sake" T-shirt. On the last day, we climbed up the rocky terrain for about an hour to reach Mt.Goryu, a 2814-meter-high mountain famous in Japan. The ridge line you have hiked is beautiful and will fill you with a sense of accomplishment. On the way down, we will take the gondola down from 1500m above sea level via Toomi Ridge. On the first day, we will only move around and rest well in preparation for the climb. We will stay at "Minshuku Rokujukkari" There is a hot spring and a supermarket nearby. Participation fee: 54,000 yen Payment: Payment can be made on the bus (cash, paypay, credit card) Included in the fee: Hakuba hotel (no meals), mountain lodge (1 night with 2 meals), bus, ropeway, guide fee. Not included: meals, bathing Minimum number of participants: 15 You can leave your luggage not used for climbing in the bus, but those who choose Plan 2 should bring a change of clothes and a bathing set with them. Bathing is not available at the lodge. Water can be replenished, but there is a charge for this service. Each course requires a minimum of 10 participants.

Meeting place
JR Shin-Osaka Station Main Exit Bus Parking Lot or Kintetsu Takeda station west exit
Meeting time
AM 6:45
Day 1
7:00 Shin-Osaka Station
↓Depart by chartered bus
7:45Takeda Station

SA break and lunch on the way

17:00Hakuba Guest House Rokujukkari
Shopping, dinner, bathing, etc.

Day 2 ①5.6km 860m up ②7.5km 1100m up
Departure from hotel at 5:30
↓ Walk
Happo gondola lift 6:30

Happoike Villa 7:00~7:30 Altitude acclimatization 30 min.

Happo Pond Reflection

Karamatsu Summit lodge 12:00 
After lunch, those in Plan① will leave their luggage and go to Mt.Karamatsu.

Mt. Karamatsu summit lodge 12:30

Ushikubi no kusariba

Goryu lodge 15:30

Day 3
Plan ①4.5km 850mDown
Mt. Karamatsu Summit lodge 7:00 Departure after breakfast

Happo Pond

Happoike Villa 10:30
↓ Descend by gondola and lift
Happo gondola lift
Happo onsen 12:00~14:00 Lunch & bathing

Plan②8.7km 520mUp, 1500mDown
Goryu lodge 5:00 Leave your luggage and go to Mt.Goryu

Mt.Goryu 6:00 

Goryu lodge 7:30~8:00 Breakfast and rest

Toomi Ridge

Alps Plain 12:30
Escal Plaza 13:00~14:15 Lunch and bathing

Happo onsen 14:00
↓Charter bus
escal plaza 14:15

SA break on the way

Takeda Station 20:15

Shin-Osaka Station 21:00
Entry fee
30 people
What to bring / clothes
Shoes and clothes suitable for climbing, change of clothes, hot spring set, hat, sunglasses, etc.

If you apply for the first time, the LINE friend registration page will appear. Please register as a friend and then apply for the course.