2-day bus tour to "Kisokomagatake" in the Chuo Alps


This is an overnight tour to the highest peak of "Kisokomagatake" (2956m), one of the 100 most famous mountains in Japan. 4km round trip with a height difference of 350m! This 4 km round-trip tour with a height difference of 350m is an introduction to Alpine mountaineering and offers spectacular views. The ropeway, which boasts the highest elevation difference in Japan, takes you to 2,600m above the clouds at a stretch. Beginners will be well acclimatized to the altitude so that they can climb the mountain with ease👍. From the top of the mountain, you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of Mount Ontake, the Northern Alps, the Southern Alps, and Mt,Fuji. On the first day, we will offer optional tours in Ina City, Nagano Prefecture ①Paragliding Experience: 7,700 yen Under the guidance of a guide, both adults and children can launch a paraglider by themselves and fly in a flash. Even those who are not fond of heights can enjoy the experience of flying. ②SUP tour experience: 7,700 yen This is a water activity in which you get on a special boat and paddle through the water using a paddle! Even first-timers and women can easily stand on the board. Reference: ASOBINA https://asobina.jp/index.html ③Blueberry picking and smoothie making experience: 1,700 yen At an altitude of 900 m, in the fresh highland air, enjoy picking sweet and sour blueberries (100 g per pack as a souvenir) and making smoothies with freshly picked seasonal fruits! Reference: Miharashi Farm https://miharashi-farm.com/ Overnight stay at Komagane Premont Hotel. All rooms are single rooms! You can get a good night's sleep in preparation for climbing the mountain. Supermarkets and convenience stores are conveniently located nearby. Participation fee: 30,000 yen + optional tour experience fee Payment method: Payment will be collected on the bus (cash, paypay, and credit card accepted) Included in the fee: Accommodation (no meals), bus, ropeway, guide, insurance Not included: meals, hot spring baths, optional tours

Meeting place
JR Shin-Osaka Station Main Exit Bus Parking Lot
Meeting time
AM 6:45
7:00 Shin-Osaka Station
↓Depart by chartered bus
7:45Takeda Station

SA break and lunch on the way

Optional Tours
①Paragliding experience
②SUP tour experience
③Blueberry picking & smoothie making experience

16:30 Komagane Premont Hotel

Day 2
Departure from hotel at 5:30
↓ Route bus
↓Chuo Alps Ropeway

Walk and group photo for altitude acclimatization (45 minutes)

Start hiking
↓ Slightly steep uphill
Norikoshi Jodo


Kisokomagatake summit 2956m

Descend by the same route

12:30 Senjojiki
↓Ropeway and bus
13:20Suganodai bus terminal Lunch & bathing in Komakusa no Yu (additional 700 yen)

15:30 Bus departure

19:45 Takeda Station

20:30 Arrival at Shin-Osaka station
Entry fee
20 people
What to bring / clothes
Shoes and clothes suitable for climbing, change of clothes, hot spring set, hat

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