Kannon Iwa, a spectacular view of Mt. Kono Short hiking


We will hike "Mt. Kono", a spectacular low mountain in Osaka! Walking distance is 7km, about 3 hours. It is a short hike that can be completed in the pleasant morning. It is a rare mountain with a huge rock called Kannon-iwa at the top, from which you can enjoy a panoramic view of the cityscape of Osaka and Kyoto. After descending the mountain, those who wish can go to 「South Sun Heart」, a local hamburger shop that opened 3 years ago. The burger with avocado is very popular! https://www.katano-times.com/archives/56073661.html

Meeting place
JR Tsuda station ticket gate
Meeting time
AM 9:00
9:00 Tsuda Station

Kunimi trailhead

10:00 Mt.Kunimi

11:00 Mt.kono Kannon Iwa

12:00Tsuda station Dismissal
If you wish, we will go for hamburger lunch.
Entry fee
15 people
What to bring / clothes
Clothing and shoes suitable for hiking, raincoat, drink, hat

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