Recommended for first-time hut stays! Mt.Turugi on the traverse route


A traverse that is coveted by hikers from all over Japan. We have planned a two-day tour to Mt. Tsurugi, one of Japan's 100 most famous mountains. Although it is the second highest mountain in western Japan at 1,955 meters above sea level, even beginners can try hiking as there are lifts and easy walking trails! On the first day, we will slowly climb from the Minokoshi trailhead to the summit. On the second day, we will finally reach the traverse route that we have been longing for. We will descend from the Maruishi refuge hut to the trailhead of the Oku-Iya Kazura Bridge, a distance of about 8 km. After about 6 hours with many breaks, the hike will end after noon and we will return to Osaka by bus. We will stay at the "Tsurugisan Summit Hutte", a mountain lodge near the summit. You can watch the sunrise, sunset, and starry sky. The hut also has a bath, which is rare for a mountain hut (soap and shampoo are not available) Mt. Tsurugi is said to have the least amount of "light pollution," caused by the lights of towns and other places that affect the night sky, in Japan. It is said that its beauty is comparable to that of the mountains of Hawaii. Access to Mt. Tsurugi by public transportation is difficult. Furthermore, the traverse route does not allow cars to be collected. Why don't you join Kansai Hikers' chartered bus tour to walk the traverse route you have been longing for? Participation fee: 30,000 yen Payment method: Cash or paypay on the bus Included in the fee: Mountain lodge (with 2 meals), lunch on the second day, bus fare, guide fee, insurance Not included: Lunch on the first day You can leave your luggage not used for hiking in the bus. Tsurugi Summit Hutte is a shared mountain lodge. You can take a bath, but shampoo is not allowed. You can refill your water. If the number of participants does not reach 15 by the end of July, this event will be cancelled.

Meeting place
JR Shin-Osaka Station Main Exit Bus Parking Lot
Meeting time
AM 6:45
Day1 2km 550m UP
7:00 Shin-Osaka Station
↓Depart by chartered bus
11:00Lunch at roadside station

13:00Start hiking at Minokoshi trailhead

Otsurugi shrine

14:45Mt.Tsurugi summit

15:00Tsurugi Summit Hutte
Dinner, bath, star gazing, etc.

Day2 8km 350m up, 1280m down
Departure from lodge at 6:30


Maruishi refuge hut Lunch break

13:00 Oku-Iya Double Quail Bridge trailhead

Rest on the way

18:00Shin-Osaka Station
Entry fee
20 people
What to bring / clothes
Hiking shoes and clothing, change of clothes, rain wear, headlamp, hat

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