Fantastic sea of clouds "Kameoka Fog Terrace" and Yume Cosmos Garden


Kameoka Fog Terrace" is an observation deck located at the top of Tatsugao Mountain, 412 meters above sea level, and was established in March 2018. The Kameoka Basin is surrounded by mountains on all sides, and deep fog called "tanba fog" frequently occurs, providing a fantastic view of the sea of clouds from the top of the mountain. Visitors can take a cab from Kameoka Station to the summit to view the sea of clouds. It gets cold during the viewing, so warm clothes are necessary. Then walk for about an hour to Yume Cosmos Garden. The 8 million cosmos trees are breathtaking. There are many events to enjoy throughout the day, such as the "Tamba Ajiwai Market" where all the tastes of Kameoka are gathered, and the "Creative Scarecrow Contest" with many humorous works. Since sea of clouds may not occur due to weather conditions. We check the live camera and if there is no sea of clouds, do not go to the top of the mountain. If there is no sea of clouds, we will go directly to the cosmos garden instead of going to the summit. If so, participation fee is 1000 yen plus admission fee to the cosmos garden.

Meeting place
JR Kameoka station ticket gate
Meeting time
AM 7:40
7:40 Kameoka Station

Taxi (Reservations not accepted, so there may be a short wait)

8:00Kameoka Fog Terrace

Sea of clouds viewing

Walk about 1 hour

10:00Yume Cosmos Garden walk Lunch can be purchased

Walk or take a bus

12:00JR Kameoka Station Dismissal
Entry fee
8 people
What to bring / clothes
Clothing and shoes suitable for hiking, raincoat, lunch, drink, warm clothes

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